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Paul Otote's Nutrition Guide

Paul Otote's Nutrition Guide

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Be efficient. Not deficient
Learn plant-based nutrient sources for optimal health including deficiency symptoms, RDIs, benefits and more!

Master the plant-based diet with this guide, easily see

Nutrient sources

See all nutrients the body requires, foods to get the nutrient from and how much of the nutrient is in the food.

Nutrient requirements

Learn about vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins. See how much you need each day & plant-based sources

Deficiency symptoms

See why you may be getting headaches, pins & needles or feeling tired. Then have a guide to tackle it with food.

The key to optimising wellbeing is giving the body the vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins that are essential to the body. 

You'll learn: 

 - Nutrient dense whole-foods
 - Bettering digestion
 - Breakdown of all vitamins, minerals, protein and fats
 - Recommended foods for nutrients
 - Amount of nutrients in the foods
 - Deficiency symptoms

and more!

Paul poured 10 years of nutrition expertise, over 9 years on a plant-based diet along with certifications as a nutritionist and herbalist into this nutrient guide.
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